ortrud sturm



1959 Lives and works in Rödermark
Born in Altheim / Hesse, Germany
1976 - 79 Training as a wood sculptor
1984 - 86 Studies of sculpture / Werkkunstschule Flensburg

Prizes and awards

2008 1st prize winner of the WOAR Symposium / Bad Goisern / Austria
2002 1st prize winner of the Sculpture Park / Mörfelden
1989 Prize of the international competition "Figure and Surface" of the Ivory Museum, Erbach / Odenwald
My preferred material for my sculptures is wood, whose natural quality, color and texture I use for my artistic expression. With my planned purist way of working I work the sculptures with the chain saw to form groups, stacks and arrangements of cubes and cuboids. My sculptures are geometric constructions of horizontal and vertical orders, repetitions and series based on a structured thought process. The sculptures are always made of a whole trunk.